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A hip and happening dance move inspired by the Bracknell Shuffle, the main apparatus needed for the staines shuffle are a car, loud chav music and the need to mock the picturesque town that is Staines, while sitting in a car being driven by an equally amused friend, the main dancer will shuffle from side to side in their seat with their arms bent at a right angle in front of them and trying to make the illusion that they are getting lower with each shuffle. The main dangers of performing the staines shuffle in a moving vehicle driven by a friend crying with laugher is the unavoidable risk that a chavs, snob, old person or cyclists may suddenly appear in front of your vehicle, attempts should be made to not hit the for mentioned chav, snob, old person or cyclist as this is not in keeping with the spirit of the Staines Shuffle.
Driver: Ohmygod I nearly hit a chav on a bike while laughing at your Staines Shuffle
Dance Star: Dont distract me... Im in the Staines Shuffle groove...
by SJ2010 August 02, 2010
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