When someone is tryin to roll out really badly and everyone else is chillin.
Person 1: "Lets leave the party, I want to go home."
People at the party: "Wow this fuckin toolbelt is really in stage 5."
by ATOWN4LIFE September 16, 2007
Top Definition
A needy person, usually a hook-up who is getting too serious too quickly.

Short for "Stage 5 Clinger" - (see "Stage 5 Clinger")
I think I have to ditch her. She's called me three times today, and won't stop asking who I'm with and when she can see me again. She's a stage 5, for sure.
by keitheydee August 09, 2010
A snowboarding company based out of Boulder Colorado.

Always Rave Safe - and Peace Easy!
They're not gaypers...they know of Stage 5. They always Rave Safe and Peace Easy.
by A Stage 5'er March 16, 2009
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