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Stag Beer is a lager beer originally brewed in Belleville, IL in 1851. It was bought out by George Heilman and moved to Milwaukee in 1989. It still enjoys a great deal of popularity in Central and Southern Illinois, St. Louis, and other parts of Missouri and Arkansas. The vintage appearance of the packaging (gold label/can with a deer's head) gives Stag Beer authenticity and somewhat ironic hipster credibility. It is also very inexpensive, and most people consider the quality much higher than the price tag would suggest. Due to its very low sugar level it is highly recommended as the beer of choice for diabetics. The low sugar levels also lead to the belief that Stag will not cause hangovers, even if you drink a very large amount. The beer has many rabid fans and therefore has developed some colorful nicknames and slogans, including:

"Stag - Steak, Taters, And Gravy"
"Sugar Free as Beer Should Be"
"Stag - It's not for Beginners"
Hey man, throw me a cold Stag Beer!
by petethebeat June 09, 2009
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A lager, popular in the Ozarks, which people buy who can't afford Natty Light. Its taste and smell is not unlike Tink's 69, which is probably where the beer got its name.
Hey, Cledus, want a Stag Beer?

Areckunicood, Jim Bob!
by Jozarkus November 05, 2008
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