a state of comfortable intoxication from alcohol (usually beer) and possibly marijuana; the beautiful place between "tipsy" and "drunk" or "crossed" at which an individual feels his absolute best during his or her evening.

after another rip off the joint, one might say he or she is "stack-a fuckin-lackin"
Dudeski 1: "Woah. How you doin man?"
Dudeski 2: "Man, I'm stack-a-lackin."
by rev. green May 02, 2009
Top Definition
When consuming alcoholic beverages, Stack-a-Lackin' is the point in time (that usually doesn't last long) where you are past having a buzz, but not yet to the state of being drunk. It is usually hard to tell when exactly you are Stack-a-Lackin', but your best bet is just to say you are when everyone else starts saying it.

Also known as having a 'heavy buzz'.
Jethro: "Hey man, you d-dr-drunk yet?"
Stumps: "Nah man, I'm Stack-a-Lackin'!"


Edgar: "Duuuude, I'm Stack-a-LACKIN'!"
Allen: "Shiiiit, me too, brother!"
Poe: "Oh snap!"


Monty: "This party is Crack-a-lackin!"
G-Dawg: "Jeah nugga, and yours truly be Stack-a-lackin!"

by Travis & Jaime April 04, 2006
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