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When there is nothing to watch on TV, so you get trapped into watching a rerun of Unsolved Mysteries (hosted by the late Robert Stack).

All the cases on that show are decades old. Contrary to the show's title, a majority of the mysteries have actually been solved. Therefore, the only explanation for watching the show is because you have a man-crush on Robert Stack.
DEVO: "You're watching Unsolved Mysteries? But...that little girl was kidnapped in 1986, and they found her bones in 1990. Why are you watching this show in 2008?"

Johnny: "I guess I'm having a Stack attack. Did he just wink at me?"
by Damien Metalwind August 03, 2008
A sexual act typically performed with a minimum of one male and two females where the females are “stacked” one on top of the other and penetrated by the male in an alternating fashion. Generally this results in the male achieving orgasm very quickly.
Last night I was so horny that I gave Lauren and Rachael the stack attack.
by AZ689R September 28, 2009

1. To bring it, in a really prudish sort of way.
2. Insidious consumption of chocolate and/ or tofu.
Man, is there any left? No. Total stack attack.
by Melvin Galoriel May 04, 2006
stack attacking is a devastating attack performed by multiple people on a public toilet or someones toilet that everybody hates. the first person takes a shit and wipes but doesnt flush and then more people do the same thing, works best when sports teams stops at places like mcdonalds
after a game

the faggelton football team just stack attacked taco bell
by sCarebear69 January 14, 2009
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