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A stacie butterfly isnt quite what youd expect.
For a start butterflies are usually elegent and would not try to penetrate themselves with a gear stick....but a staciebutterfly does!

They can be usually seen floating around bars on any given weekend dressed like the average porn star - that is the average Obese Porn Star! For those men out there who prefer their ladies on the large side a staciebutterfly is a good choice seen as she has more ripples than the average beach at high tide.

She could be defined as a woman of "easy virtue" however she doesnt charge for her services (As far as most people know)
She has a habit of finding the "one" and it turning out to be nothing more than a quick one round the bins of asda...

Also known as a "LandWhale"
Jeeze have you seen that StacieButterfly over there...
by JusticeForButterflies! May 16, 2011