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Person - St8 Picklez, AKA Str8 Jacket is an internet phenomena. Known worldwide through Halo 2, his quick finger and witty remarks will leave you breathless. Breathless, because you're dead. St8 Picklez isn't afraid to pull out his sniper rifle, and snipe your ass from halfway across the map. Some think that he isn't real at all. Some think he is just
a figment of someone's imagination. I mean no one could be that good at Halo 2.. Or could they?

Verb - Being severely owned.

Adjective - Being extremely good at something. Godlike even.
Person - St8 Picklez.. Need I say more?
Verb - That dude just got soo St8 Pickled.
Adjective - Man.. That dude is soo St8 Pickles.
by Todd, and Luke June 14, 2006
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