Metallica's 8th studio album, recorded without the band's bassist (bassist Jason Newsted left prior to the recording), producer Bob Rock, who also produced all of Metallica's albums from their 91 self-titled album played bass, as well as co-wrote all of the album.

St.Anger was self lauded by Metallica to be "a return to their roots", while in fact this album is a somewhat lazy attempt at hopping on the nu-metal trend.

Many key basic musical elements any album requires are missing in this album, such as : proper production, balance, a vocalist who sings in key, drums which don't sound like tin cans etc..

Riding on the tsunami of success Metallica experienced during the 90s, this album started as the fastest selling Metallica album, but backlash from the utter horror this album is to listen to eventually led it to become their worst selling.

St. anger was a huge flop for Metallica. In fact, it was such a flop that by the middle of the supporting tour for st. anger Metallica played less than 5 st. anger songs on each set. By the end of the tour they were playing only one or two, heavily modified version of the original st. anger songs.

St. Anger means more than just a sellout, it means a sellout done bad, very very bad.

St. Anger is considered a flop not just within the Metallica fanbase and the world of rock/metal music, but it is considered a synonym and the epitome of a flop and self-parody.

See : spinal tap
guy #1 : Dude, did you hear the new Cryptopsy album? that shit is horrible!

guy #2 : yeah they totally pulled a st.anger on us


see other st.anger-esque albums :

Celtic Frost - Cold Lake
Megadeth - Risk
Cryptopsy - The Unspoken king


Windows ME is sooo st. anger
by munchlord April 24, 2008
Top Definition
The worst Metallica album to date. There should have been solos by Kirk, and Lars.

Mix of Nu-Metal with Heavy Metal, which sounded really crap.

Even though im a hardcore Metallica fan, i'll always say St. Anger sucked balls.
Hey Jimmy. Wanna go to the Metallica concert? They're doing the "Madly in Anger with You" tour.

Fuck off wanker ! St. Anger blew ! I'll go if they're playing good music like Dyers Eve and Sad But True !
by Mr. Ownage June 16, 2004
The worst Metallica Album ever recorded.
St. Anger sucks. Let's listen to Master of Puppets.
by BobMushroom September 12, 2003
A term synonymous with "shitty drum sound". This is due to the fact that in order to "get back to their roots", Metallica decided to make the snare drum sound like a pile of garbage cans. It is worth noting that even on their first album, Metallica's drums did not sound this shitty. Goddamn this album blows.
Bro, let's take another take of that song, I gotta tune this snare, it sounds totally St. Anger right now. Goddamn that album blew.
by Smanny March 23, 2006
An attempt to relive one's prior glory that falls exceptionally short.
by A musician September 04, 2003
St. Anger is Metallica's latest album. While many regard it as it's worst album, it isn't that bad in the end. People that really hate it usually just listened to it for 2-3 seconds and then took the CD out and never put it in again. It is supposedly a return to Metallica's old days, featuring a heavier metal than the albums that came before it (specifically Load and Reload) mixed with nu-metal as people call it.
One of the most highly criticized points of the new album is the new drum sound of drummer Lars Ulrich. Some love it, others hate it. Try listening to it yourself.
Another point is the absence of Metallica's almost legendary guitarist (in my opinion), Kirk Hammet, with his incredible guitar solos.

The lyrics are mostly centered around hate. Almost every Metallica album has one argument it is centered on (example Ride the Lightning is centered on death, while Master of Puppets is centered on the military somewhat, and ...And Justice for All is centered on human rights and politics).
Some of the songs in it are actually bad. I personally hate "Sweet Amber".
Some are good, for example "The Unnamed Feeling" (but they ruined it with the stupid voice saying "been there before..." in my opinion).
An interesting case is "Some Kind of Monster". I believe it should have been an instrumental song, just like every one of Metallica's first 4 albums had one.

In short, St.Anger did actually lower the bar. But, after all, it is STILL Metallica. So don't diss it.
St.Anger is Metallica's latest album. People hate it, but it's still Metallica.
by nzdbox November 09, 2004
the worst MetallicA album every made.
shit. fuckin shit. i hate it.
i listened to the whole cd atleast 50 times. i tried really hard to get myself to like it, but i couldnt. its just too bad. a waste of 20 dollars.
why did they sell out????WHY?????
metallica's skills have FADED TO BLACK.
retard: OMG i love st. anger

metallibanger: fuckin retard, that shit sucks, listen to master of puppetz, or kill em all.

retard: what are those.

metallibanger: WHAT?????????
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
Probably Metallica's worst album. Being such a hardcore fan of the band I at least would like to say there are some okayish songs on the album, Some Kind of Monster probably being the best. Even when Metallica changed their style with Load and ReLoad they were still a kickass band, but their latest album was very poor to Metallica standards because they tried experimenting with nu-metal music. I don't believe Lars is the downfall though, I mean his drumming in St. Anger sounds pretty much the same in all the songs but all the songs sound the same anyways. It would make sense if they had recorded all the songs, one after another without really changing the guitar FX or drums, but it took them three years, but seeing the DVD named 'Some Kind of Monster' you can sort of see what problems they had making this album.
*Listening to Some Kind of Monster*

Person who has never heard it: Wow. This is really crappy compared to other Metallica songs.

Me: Yeah, this is probably the best one on the album though.
by Craig March 24, 2005
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