Someone who owns a Ford Mustang, which is commonly called a 'Stang.
Every Stanger worth their salt knows that the Mustang is available in special editions such as the Mach 1, Bullit, GT and Cobra. Carroll Shelby (car-roll?) and Steven Saleen (definitely worth his salt) are the top Mustang tuners. Jack Roush and Bobby Brown are up their as well.
by Mike Bozdog June 23, 2006
The shittiest excuse for a Metallica album to date!

It had a mixture of Nu-Metal and Heavy Metal, which Bill Gates could have done better, on a keyboard or through his arse.

St. Anger will and always is the crappiest Metallica album to date.
G'day Bob, wanna go to the Metallica concert? They're playing St. Anger?

Piss off! I'd rather go to a ballet recital!
by Ryu Hayabusa June 30, 2004
To Sting someone flicking the wrist , hitting them with the tips of your fingers.
Tom gave me a really bad stanger
by Ryan Hartigan , Sean Ryan October 10, 2006
an album so bad that listening to it is like being severely raped by several large prison inmates while being forced to listen to the beegees for eternity
being hit with by that car wasnt nearly as bad as having to listen to St. Anger
by Blissfulidiot April 06, 2005
The feeling I got when I {bought and} listened to Metallica's 2003 album of the same name.
St. Anger made me St. Angry. -_-
by Tampon Terrorizer July 24, 2008
The Worst metallica album ever created
i am a huge fan of metallica, but i gotta say, this is shit
no guuitar solos :(
lars fucked with his snare drum
it sounds like shit
although st. anger was a big shit that metallica took
death magnetic helped metallica redeem themselves
Dude 1: God dude whats up with lars' snare drum on st. anger?

Dude 2: i dunno man. it sounds like a dying horse

Dude 1: i'm gonna go listen to ...and justice for all to relieve my self of the pain to my ears that st. anger caused
by onelovecjs October 27, 2008
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