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st marks is full of a bunch of whores and fags, a second-class institution which tries to badmouth other schools in order to look ok itself
by suck my nuts April 13, 2005
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a school full of over obsessesive sluts who are byond full of themselves. the guys are no better . they talk shit out there ass and then they get there asses beat . the girls start drama
the school sucks . i wish i didnt go there.. i wish i wasnt associated with these losers = )
by eat me spartans March 22, 2005
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1. A high school that prides itself in producing non-kablastafucked students who frequently complete the losing cycle against their extreme godly rivals, the almighty Salesianum High School!

2. Their mascot is a joke-of-a-knight that enjoys sheethed sabers in the rectal cavity.
Wow, what do you know, St marks sucks!
by Cyber Troll September 05, 2004
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