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A word or phrase unique to the big small town of St. Louis, Missouri. Examples:
Hoosier: white trash

toasted ravioli: small raviolis deep fried till crispy

gooey butter cake: a breakfast cake, about 10 x 10 inches,
filled with a buttery custard and covered in powdered

pork steak: a slice of pork butt, about half inch thick,
bone in, slow cooked on a barbeque pit and smothered in
Maull's barbeque sauce

'Where'd ya go to high school?': the first question asked
by one native to another person they are meeting for the
first time who also is a lifelong St. Louisan.
"Hoosier" as a St. Louisism, has nothing to do with Bobby Knight or Indiana.
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
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