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The Rams were founded in 1937 as Cleveland's NFL franchise. Struggling early in their existance, they rose to glory behind quarterback Sammy Baugh in 1945 and won a close battle to claim the NFL title. However, following the season, the team moved to Los Angeles. They played for the NFL championship each year from 1949-51, winning the crown in 1951. In 1950, the Rams faced their replacement from Cleveland, the Browns. The faced them for the title again in 1955, and came up losers for a 2nd time. After sparse playoff berths in the 1960s, they became a force in the 1970s, with consecutive playoff apperances from 1973-80. However, they always seemed to be overshadowed and made the Super Bowl just one time, a loss to the Steelers in 1979. Were again impressive with 6 playoff berths in 7 years from 1983-89, but were once again unable to beat out the competition for a conference title. The team struggled in years afterward and moved to St. Louis for the 1995 season. It took the team several years, but they built up a powerhouse offense that took the team to Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. In that game, the beat the Titans on a goal line stand for their first Super Bowl win and first title since 1951. This began a run of 5 playoff berths in 6 years, including another Super Bowl apperance- a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in 2001 on a last second field goal. In 2005, though, the team struggled mightily and the once powerful offense began to fade.
"Dyson lunges for the goal line, he reaches but he's stopped short! The defense holds and time runs out! The St. Louis Rams have won Super Bowl XXIV!"
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
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Th greatest show on turf with an awesome offense with the legendary RB Marshall Faulk and WR Torry Holt.
Great watching
by Googly April 12, 2004
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An American football team originating in Cleveland around 1936 They later moved to Los Angeles in the 40's and now
An American football team residing in St. Louis Missouri. Though under .500 for about 5 years, they were once one of the greatest offensive teams in the passed 30 years. In Five short years (2000-2005) they made it to two Superbowls winning one against the Philadelphia Eagles and losing to the New England Patriots.

Going 8-8, With Rookie Of the Year Quarterback, Sam Bradford(Receiving 44/50 votes) , the Rams may be on the road off of their under .500 season streak.

Go Rams :)
Ignorant Man: Hey, the St. Louis Rams suck cock, !!
Smart person: Not really, they went 8-8 this year, maybe if you stopped basing your opinions off of old seasons you may be a little more enlightened.
by HopefullyUnbiased March 16, 2011
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