The best baseball team in the world, Has won Nine World Series Titles, Second in all of baseball to the Yankees. They have the best lineup, defense, and offense, BUT THEIR PITCHING SUCKS!! GO REDBIRDS!!!
red wings suck
by Carol April 09, 2004
Top Definition
One of the best baseball franchises around with arguably the greatest fanbase.
The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Houston Astros today, and will again tomorrow.
by Pujols005 October 12, 2005
The greatest baseball franchise in the world, which is located in the best baseball city (and best city) in the world st louis. Cardinals fans are the greatest fans of any kind in any sport. The Cardinals are a great team and are the most enjoyable team to be a part of. Any player that comes here says its the best, and doesnt want to leave, same with fans.
"what did you do last night"
"went to the st louis cardinals game"
by shiscamuhBOB March 15, 2006
A team that plays in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. They are the reigning National League champions with one of the best (if not the BEST) in all of sports.
The Cubs are soo bad. Let's watch those Cards beat their brains out.
by cards June 21, 2005
The 2006 world series champions!!!
Holy shit! The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2006 world series champions!
by Adrian October 27, 2006
The St. Louis Cardinals are the greatest baseball franchise is the world. We have the best fans, an awesome new stadium, and Albert Pujols the best player in the game. We are a team rich in history, and going by world series we have 9. Only those bastard yankees can say they have more. Chris Carpenter is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. And we aren't the cubs!What more can you ask for?
I love living in St. Louis so that I can watch the St. Louis Cardinals kick the cubs ass every year. Sweet!
by stevedawg13 July 28, 2006
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