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A school for the rich and spoiled in Vancouver, BC (aka the 604). People come here expecting a great atmosphere and great teachers, but the truth is that most of them don't give a sh*t about the students. In addition, the school markets itself on its university placement records.

Student elections are rigged by the headmaster, therefore the supposed "democracy" is a total failure. The administration never, EVER listens to the students pleas and requests, therefore making this school looking more like a authoritarian regime rather than an actual "school". Some teachers don't know how to teach, or they just simply don't care. Most of them care more about the sports they coach rather than the classes they teach.

On top of all this, St. George's School is an all boys school, which is something most student do not like. Students turn their head towards the first sign of a female species, no matter how hot the individual is...this is all because of the lack of girls in the school.

To get into this elitist-attitude prep school, all you have to do is play rugby. The sport of rugby is the engine that drives the school - play rugby, and you are accepted. All other sports (except basketball) are often overlooked or looked down upon. Often, academic-inclined applicants are rejected for some dumb recruit.
Student 1: We are grads at St. George's School now!
Student 2: Yes we are! Who did you vote for for our head boy and vice head boy?
Student 1: Go ask the headmaster. He decides everything. We students have no say in this matter.
by digmen4567 July 02, 2009

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