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A girl who is very smart and generally plays an instrument. Usually said instrument is the violin. Sravani will try her best to be amazing and play cool instruments like the electric basson. Too bad Sravani is usually a jerk who will post embarrassing pictures of you online and not be completely sorry. A distinctive figure of Sravanis that can help you identify them in their natural habitat are their larger ears that slightly resemble that of an elephant's.
Did you see her ears?
She must be a Sravani!
by Evil Toddler April 18, 2011
A word for best friend in an Indian language. If someone is a Sravani, you know you can always depend on them. They'll have your back through thick and thin, and will never leave your side.
Person 1: you two seem tight
Person 2: yeah, she's my Sravani
by truthteller* January 07, 2014