Another way of saying the word 'pussy' as in:

A) a vagina

B) someone who lacks confidence or courage
"Dude, she was totally naked. I could see her squizz and everything!"

"Come on man, stop being such a squizz and steal that car!"
by squizzer101 March 05, 2012
The act of cumming (jizzing) and squirting at the same time.
Yeah man, I squizzed all over that chick last night
by screwit. May 24, 2011
Short term for squirting jizz!
"You should have seen that girl when I left her, I squizzed all over her face!"

by Mr. Dee'z March 27, 2008
A squizz is a person who pretends he is straight, has a girlfriend, talks about boobies, but infact hides a secret homosexual lifestyle where he takes it up the ass like a little bitch that he really is.
That guy Jon, he is such a squizz. Last week I saw him necking some guy in town, his girlfriend has no clue.
by kyle January 02, 2005
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