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When you need to stop at a service station or supermarket whilst on the motorway due to an unfortunate case of the shits. It seemed like a good when you decided to have Indian food for dinner last night, but now you have to deal with the squity consequences. When needing a Squit Stop you will unfortunately have to stop at every opportunity to cleanse your bowels. If you do end up with the Squits and are heading on a long journey then it is recommended that you bring multiple pairs of underwear due to the shittyness of the situation.
Chuck: Man, thats the third gas station we've stopped at, are you okay?

Hank: Not good man, I'm sorry but I keep needing to take squit stops. I will always love Del Taco but Del Taco will never love me.

Chuck: Have you get extra pants?

Hank: No, I am gonna have to resort to a Shart Tampon

Chuck: That's grim
by Sieffy April 05, 2013
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