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1.The KEWLEST group of pokemon in the entire shows history. The squirtle squad appears around the time Ash Ketchum meets Squirtle. Squirtle is one of the original 150 pokemon. None of those later on bull shit editions. Squirtle's evolve forms are Wartortle then Blastoise.
1.Squirtle Squad was not defined then noted so on MLIA, here i am making it happen for the world! Your Welcome

2. I have the Squirtle Squad T-Shirt!! ... Your a FAG!
by GeezusJuice October 13, 2009
The most badass Pokemon group ever. They rob, kick ass, take bitches hostage, and put out fire.
Team Rocket sucks the cocks of the Squirtle Squad!
by Fried Waffles March 14, 2012
a group of girls that think they're the shit, but in fact, they're shit
that squirtle squad was definitely tanking it up tonight at the bar.
by lastniggaonearth October 07, 2010
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