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The sexual act in which a man excretes his man cream all over a womans face.Then takes her head and slams it into the soil of the earth, thus allowing the dirt to stick to her face. Once her eyes roll back into place from the shock, you smash a clay pot over her head and prance away merrily.
Man: Hi my little rose bud. Whatchya doooin?
Unsuspecting Woman: Oh nothing dear, just planting these flowers in my garden.
Man: I got somethin for ya.
Unsuspecting Woman: What is it honey?
Man: The Ol' Squirt and Dirt! SURPRISE!
by masterofburns November 03, 2007
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The action of using the toilet and relievings one's self of both Urine and Feces in the same sitting.
C'mon man we need to get out of here i need to squirt and dirt.
by OrangeMan123 December 10, 2006
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