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A code-name for dipping tobacco you use when you're talking about dipping in front of someone that doesn't know you dip.
Person 1: "Squirsh?"
Person 2: "Yes please"
Person 3: "What's squirsh?"
Person 1 & 2: "Nothing"
by squirshman April 28, 2009
The act of gathering for the purpose or dipping or that act itself.
You want to go squirsh after track? I only squirshed once yesterday.
by The Big Dirty April 27, 2009
Its what happens when they create those fruit bars. They "squirsh" the fruit, which means to squirt the juice out and then "squish" the remaining pulp into rectangular shapes.
Dude A (eating fruit bar): These fruit bars are good!
Dude B: You know what they do? They "squirsh" the fruit!
by Mayur Jobanputra November 07, 2007
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