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A female who is all about swallowing and saving it for later.
Your squirrel friend seems to be storing nuts for the up coming winter months.
by recliners December 15, 2009
9 41
A good female friend, tight girl buddy. You are not BFFs, but you are close enough to share the casual crap of daily life.
OMG what a shit day at the office! I'm calling my squirrel friends to meet me for happy hour.
by thepipster November 22, 2012
45 3
Reference among drag queens to refer to other drag queens, especially those that hide their nuts.
"Greetings squirrel friends!" ~ RuPaul
"Can I borrow your wig? We are squirrel friends, right?"
by Not RuPaul December 15, 2013
10 1
is someone you share nuts with. the nuts may be yours or theirs, but this is a particularly chipper and comforting lil something-something..
good lord--nothing but haters in this town!! good thing i got a squirrelfriend!
by Scorpio Rose February 01, 2012
15 8
A bitch who a dude uses for sexual activites; Also a bitch who a dude shares his "nuts" with; A squirrel friend can be a bitch or a dude.
Most bitches at the club are not wifey material, but definitely a squirrel friend! :)
by justAwhiteGIRL January 03, 2010
15 49
A filthy flea infested yet somehow comforting little animal that a recently rejected deflected & never was respected boyfriend has to turn to for affection amidst thoughts of suicide after losing his girlfriend. Sometimes this animal will stroke the cock and balls in a soothing manner as to relive tension and stress, But beware that it may also (like a girlfriend) turn against you,lashing out with violent blows nibbling and chewing on the cock and balls. Normally if you treat this animal with respect & dignity,it will provide you with many nights of pleasure and possibly cook you breakfast in the morning consisting of twigs,berries and acorns.
Shit Todd,Yesterday my girlfriend dumped my gimp ass so I had to seek out other means of satisfying my lust for milking the weasel,so I talked to my dad and he recommended a squirrel friend! I went right down to the forrest and nabbed one up. I've never been happier!!!!!
by squirtdonkeys January 21, 2007
16 53