A pimp daddy who use to have a lisp but is now the ski king.. with a small penis
That kid is for sure a squi.. but its sick.
by Daniel Mac October 21, 2004
Top Definition
cute ombination word with origins being part squirrel / part squee, ALL cute

n> something that is cute
adj> something that is cute/super happy
"The little squi has a nice face"
"That critter is SO squi"
"You make me squi"
"It's a squi little tale about a rabbit and her friend"
"The mother squirrel had collected a stockpile of nuts for her little squi family"
"This top is more squi than that one"
by jasoir June 24, 2009
A mix between a penis and a vagina. It has the shaft like a penis but then goes in like a vagina.
My girlfriend had a boyfriend with a squi once and she said it was rather hard to have sex.
by awesomeo142 April 21, 2011
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