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When you squat down to give someone a hug. You hug them, whilst squatting.
I wanted to hug her, but she was sitting on the floor, so I gave her a quick squg and then I was on my way.
by misscastiel24 September 02, 2011
The cross between a squeeze and a hug, if you were to squg someone, you'd be hugging them just a little harder than a hug and softer than a squeeze.
Jared and Emily squg each other when they say hello or goodbye
by JaRed January 27, 2015
A cross between a squish and a hug. Commonly known as a bear hug.
Friend: I'm not fat. ]: I'm just squishy.
Buddy: You're squishy like a plushie. <3 *squg*
by Mellicat January 02, 2008
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