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Describing a male as a female. Another way of using similar terms as pansy, fag, and pussy to lessen ones masculine.
I can't believe he won't stand up for what he believes in..

Oh he's another fucking squat to pee.
by SJP17 February 05, 2010
2 1
Derogatory term referring to SQAD coined due to impediments caused by software testers, in effect, reducing otherwise prosperous companies to a pile of dust.
Better learn to pee while running otherwise you get left behind like Netscape, the last company who squat to pee.
by Habacka Habama III February 17, 2009
3 1
this term would be used to describe someone who shouldn't be given the right to be called a man, Aka a real vagina..
Wow dave is such a squattopee for not hunching that chick last night..
by Mostlegit July 04, 2009
0 2