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Plural "Squash Kids" or "Squashes;" Ant. Frenemy

1. Person who falls in the category of relationships between acquaintances and friends;
2. Person who you enjoy socially, but do not foresee a close friendship with, due to stability or quantity of existing relationships;
3. Someone with whom you always make tentative plans, but never actually follow through;
4. A person with whom most conversations occur in crowded spaces, especially when DJ's are present;
5. Someone with whom awkwardness is sometimes shared due to repetitive small talk;
"I've recently realized that most of the people who facebook me on my birthday are actually squash kids."

"She and I used to spend a lot of time together, but now that she moved, she's more of a squash kid than a friend."

"It's nice to have squash kids in other cities, because it's like a bank of potential friends."
by WeAllHaveSquashKids March 22, 2010
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