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1. A girl of alarmingly small stature; she is always short and, in practically every case very skinny as well.
Not only does she have these inadmirable traits but, in addition, she always acts fiesty and quite often is an annoying bitch.
Maret School President, and perhaps the most respected man when it comes to these matters, woo, recently expressed his sentiments on squabble snakes in an interview with Time Magazine, stating "when i see a squabble snake i usually like to keep my distance, however, when they are extra annoying, i sometimes need to act out of character a little bit and tear their clothing off and inflict pain."
Jose Contreras: How would you describe a squabble snake?
Bruce Lee: She is the kind of thing/girl you would pay money to kick.
by benny b from the bronx November 02, 2004
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