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Entering a game late only to get instantly fragged often due to stray grenades, spawn camping or, in rare cases, spawning in between a gun-fight.
Console: 'Dinghus538 has joined the game'
Console: '3p1c_PwNz0r fragged Dinghus538 with 'nade spam'
Console: 'Dinghus538 has left the game'
3p1c_PwNz0r: ROFL Spwn'd!
by GrantSolar October 10, 2009
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Spwnd: (Say "Sponed")As in Video-Gaming:Spawned+P/owned. To be kill or be killed the moment your character/your opponent re-spawns.
In Star Wars Battlefront: I got shot in the Renn Var Citadel just as I respawned. I got spwnd.
by Bloody Hel April 29, 2008

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