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Huge beetles in Northwestern Ontario of unknown species that really fucking hurt when they bite you. They seem to like spruce trees.
"Holy shit that spruce bug just dive bombed me from that tree and ripped a chunk out of my arm.... FUCK!!!!"
by bytesmasher July 28, 2008
Other names: pinot pee no , sawyer beetle, those fucking black flying bastards
Proper name :Monochamus spp. (Cerambycidae)

Mostly feed on pine, spruce, balsam fir ans especially like big fucking chunks of human flesh. Virtually indestructable with a Kevlar-like shell that can only be crushed with a sledge hammer (note: don't try to kill them while their on you)
Get your hammers, here comes a swarm of those fucking spruce bugs
by The Laughing Lumberjack February 10, 2010