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v. The act of lying extensively, oftentimes, ridiculously, for fun or because he/she wants something from the person he/she's lying to.

Person 1: Seen that weirdo cat-loving eHarmony girl on YT? Is that actually real?

Person 2: Nah, methinks she's sprouting bullocks.

Guy: When I'm with you.. I'm on top of the world.. I don't wanna miss a second wit...

Girl: yeah whatever... I see you're sprouting bullocks again. What do you want this time?

n. Douche, bullshitter, lying scumbag, dick. Basically, all negative behaviours put together into that person, e.g. a rockstar. (some rockstars, i mean.)
'Sprouting Bullocks' would be a very good name for a rock band.
by ThrivingspockIvory June 18, 2011
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