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What they did in 2 girls, 1 cup.
Man 1: Dude, did you see what they did in 2 girls, 1 cup?!?!
Man 2: Yeah dude, I totally saw them sprinkle the pudding!
#gross #nasty #digusting #2 girls #1 cup
by William429 February 15, 2011
before sex u take colon cough, then right after you finish you get up and spray nasty diarrhea all over ur partner
Guy 1-what did u do last night?

Guy 2-i went to my girlfriends house to sprinkle the pudding on her

Guy 1-how did that go?

Guy 2-she dumped me
#crap #shit #clevland steamer #alaskan pipeline #shart
by S.G.C February 11, 2011
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