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Springfield is a small town in New Hampshire consisting mostly of drunk hicks, loosers, and rednecks. There is nothing there except for empty beer cans on the sides of the dirtroads and cigarette smoke. Hobbies there include shooting animals (otherwise known as hunting), doing drugs, and having parties with alcohol. These activities are taught as young as the age of 3. There is nothing to do that is fun. It's basically a waste land. My advice: Never go to Springfield.
Steve: Have you ever been to Springfield, NH?
Tim: Why would I go there? Springfield sucks!
Steve: Good Call.
by J_Doe052395 March 13, 2011
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springfield, nh is a sweet and peicefull place every one knows every one and there are still trees here not just building and we have clean air and the nature is just amazing there is really in my opinion no place just like it. oh ya dont lisen to that other person there my friend and they just hate springfield
elyssa: hey did you hear about that place " springfield, nh"?

jessalyn: ya it is the most butiful place iv ever seen

elyssa: really because i want to live there
by poke poke poke you cant see me April 10, 2011

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