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Area of Hamden, Connecticut where houses are very close together. The Glen is divided by Whitney Avenue and is made up of a strip of various shops including the notorious Walgreens. There are hardly any places in the glen that are good for fine dining. In addition, most high school students of the glen are known for wild parties including multiple drinking games and smoking illegal substances. The glen is where everyone knows everything about everyone. Everyone gossips ect. People consider the side of Whitney Avenue closer to Ridge Road the richer (THE DOLLAR SIDE) and the side closest to Dixwell Avenue (THE 50 CENT SIDE)
There a huge party in Spring Glen tonight.
We're chillen in the glen tonight.
Dude, you're rich you live in Spring Glen
by glenliverr07 February 01, 2007
Also known as The Glen. A part of Hamden, Connecticut that is separated into 2 sides by Whitney Avenue. There is the dollar side where all of the rich people live and then there is the 50 cent side, nickel side or the west glen where the middle class lives. Many teenagers in spring glen are permanently high and drunk and when necessary buy alcohol from oxy-cotton addicted homeless men that wander the bike trail that cuts through the neighborhood. The 50 cent side boys are known around the town to be the crazy kids who are always getting in fights with whoever is stupid enough to start with them and rarely losing, for the most part they are thought of as scumbags by the people from the dollar side and from the rest of the town. The dollar side children mostly go to private or catholic schools while the children from the 50 side generally go to public schools. In the glen the teenagers pride themselves on who has the best bud(weed), who can drink the most and who is the craziest. The Glen is known for its weed, if you live there you will know at least 5 drug dealers from your neighborhood and a lot more from the ghetto and you will have started smoking as soon as you get to middle school. Everyone from Spring Glen knows each other and loves the neighborhood and all of the kids and teenagers from all over town go there to hangout. The Glenmen run the high school and every party they go to. Overall Spring Glen is the best neighborhood in the world and that is why a lot of the people that are born there move back when they get the chance.
Wow i cant believe that kid from spring glen beat me for my money

Im bout to go get some bud in the glen

Everyone loves Spring Glen
by SpringGlenallday July 03, 2009
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