Derived from the slang term oreo and the actual spring oreo cookie. The spring oreo cookie has a black wafer with yellow, not white, cream. As oreo denotes someone who is black but acts white, or black on the outside but white on the inside, 'spring oreo' denotes someone who is black but acts asian (yellow).
Jamaica's such a nerd, and she hangs out with the azns.
Yeah, she's a spring oreo.
by Paytra August 15, 2007
Top Definition
A sexual act wherein one hides underneath the bed of a black woman, jumps out, pisses between her ass cheeks and runs away.
Dude, I heard Jay-Z gives Beyonce a shit load of Spring Oreos all the time.

Yeah, I just got spring oreo'd by Jimmy. What a douche.
by meowmers February 13, 2011
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