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It is a bastardization of the word with the same definition: Easter Egg, which is defined as a painted or chocolate egg that has been hidden by the Easter Bunny. It is derived from the politically correct paranoia that has engulfed every essence that was the Christmas Season which is now the Winter Holiday Season and is often used by public figures and fanatical individuals who are too scared to offend anyone by saying Easter Egg. It is much more annoying because Easter Egg is also defined as a prize or hidden feature found in various visual media outlets, compelling people to use Spring Egg all year round.
Person 1: Dude, how many Easter Eggs did you find in Lost?
Person 2: BLASPHEMY! The Lost series does not have any Easter eggs, idiot! They have spring eggs!
Person 1: What?! Are you serious?! Referencing Easter Eggs in movies and games have no underlined religious implications!
Person 2: aserwernkubawr
Person 1: I did not understand what you just said. Oh that's right, you paranoid fanatica morons always have your heads up your asses.
by Franico March 27, 2010
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