A small, quaint suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA. Despite OTHER claims, it is a small, tight-knit community in which respectable people with decent lifestyles reside. Kids in this town are mostly students of the OJR school district, though some are part of Springford. In short, a nice town with a respectable standard of living.
I love Spring City! What an awesome, blessed small town. :)
by luvin' spring city :-) July 27, 2011
Top Definition
AKA Spring Shitty, a small town in Pennsylvania that is looked down upon because of crack dealers on Main Street and Park Springs, the "black" neighborhood. There is a gang called the "Rofo Kids" and they all drop out of high school before the age of 16. They are considered Mids Kids.
Spring City is notorious for their strip club, Pump Town, that includes overweight and trashy strippers that enjoy to ride the party bus all over town.
by springshittyhater January 02, 2011
Spring City, AKA as Spring Shitty by outsiders, is a small drug ridden ghetto that lies just outside of philadelphia, Spring City is notorious for its ghetto, rowhome, crack head on every block, type of aesthetic. Spring City really is the armpit of the Spring-Ford school district, Compared to Limerick, Oaks, Collegeville, and Royersford, which are nice suburban sprawls, Spring City has a Section 8 Housing Project which houses the majority of the towns dealers, and such. Spring City has an unusually high number of young heroin addicts that have dropped out of, currently attend, or graduated from the Spring-Ford School District, Most likely due to the very short drive to Philadelphia were they purchase it, or they just go to park springs if they cant find a ride, or dont wanna fork up 2 bucks for the SEPTA bus.
" Well my dude in the city isnt answering his phone, alrite lets ride through spring city and see if anyone is out.
by imthtbull May 11, 2011
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