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Spriends is the plural of spriend, which is a person with whom you do sports, share your sport experiences, visions and goals. Spriends are different from regular friends as the topic of communication between the two people is restricted to or dominated by sports.
I'm meeting my spriends for an epic mountain bike ride on the weekend.
by miki0108 January 21, 2013
Spriends are people with whom you do sports. A spriend is someone with whom you can talk for hours on end about your sport, your experiences and your goals. Spriends are hard to reach and chat to on facebook or any public platform where they are mixed with your friends who usually couldn't care less about your MTB whipe-out or your new climbing rope.
I'm meeting my spriends for a climbing session this afternoon. Care to join?
by miki0108 January 21, 2013
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