Spotify is a system that allows you to play music and link the songs you've listened to, to social networks(facebook) which allows you to display to your peers that you are a hip, non-mainstream person who has an impeccable taste in music.
John:"Man I really want to get Becky's attention and I feel a great way would be to use Spotify so I can show her my virtuoso taste in music."

-Plays said music

Becky:"Awwwww, I just saw John listening to Taking Back Sunday, he is so in tune with his feelings. We should date."

They start dating and live a long life together filled with marriage, kids, a couple dogs, and an excellent retirement plan. John can attribute the inception of the relationship as well as his life long success directly to Spotify.
by cheeseblocks January 24, 2012
Top Definition
A great music streaming program.

Made by the swedes.

The prog is so leet even Chuck Norris and MacGyver uses it!

Contains almost every song you can think of, except The Beatles, AC/DC and Metallica, due to some copyright thingies.

-Hey, heard ot the new music program, Spotify?
-No, is it good?
-Yeah. You want it? I can invite you.
by TomCrazy February 07, 2009
to search an artist or an artist's song(s) using the popular music engine, Spotify.
"What else does Jamie Grace sing? Oh never mind I'll just spotify her."

"Yeah I just spotified her too."
by jjliu522 December 27, 2011
Spotify is a Swiss streaming music service with the promise to allow everyone access to the music they love. However, Corporate Music (aka The RIAA) has their big hand in it as much as Pandora, and Spotify has become a paid prioritized wasteland for mainstream music , just like FM radio. Underground/independent music is on Spotify too, but it always is thrown at the back of the bus.
Guy A : I love Spotify.
Guy B: I don't
Guy A: Why?
Guy B: They don't have all my favorite music and refuse to put up some of the music I want to hear.
Guy A: Oh well.
by DPST TMPST May 24, 2016
To give unnecessary, annoying inputs in the middle of a pleasant conversation, discussion or speech.
a. He's totally Spotified that seminar with those dumb questions
b. We're discussing the Eurozone crisis, can you please stop Spotifying us with your comments
by KJo112 June 24, 2012
When you're probing for spots on your own or someone elses body. Often driven by a strong desire to pop them.
Bob: Geez, Jack, your face looks like a pizza, don't you know you best not pop them pimples ?

Jack: Dude, my new grilfriend is totally spotifying me, and i choose to let her.

Bob: You mean she's givin you sex in return ?

Jack: Correct.
by 22flux February 12, 2009
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