picture of genitiles
gary did you see his spop?
by Mernz April 18, 2008
Top Definition
"Silly Picture(s) Of Penis"

~:Is a photograph of a males genitals looking strange. Can be a result of boredom mixed with curiosity. Aids can be used like stickers and googgly eyes. Can also be an act of love :P.
"lol, we took some funny spop pictures yesterday, wanna see?"

"You look good in that picture"

"I love Spop <3"
by Niffy April 27, 2006
n. Stop + Pop. 1) Quickly accelerating then braking to win right of way at a four way stop, causing the front bumper to 'pop' up.
Dude, speed up or that that guy is totally gonna spop you!
by B2CCatcher November 05, 2011
One of many different euphamisms for male ejaculate. There is jizz, cum, spooge, and spop.
Dude, did you see that awesome spop shot?

Hey man, you got some spop on your shoes.

You're so gay you ate spop tarts for breakfast this morning.

cum jizz smegma spooge
by Noah Hayden October 25, 2010
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