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In short, the vampire sex olympics. Established in 2007 on one of the many Twilight Lexicon Vampire Mating Threads, four judges wrote the Spoodurance Trials. These trials were made possible by four excruciatingly handsome vampires- Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle.
Special nicknames were made for each of the Cullen men, all pertaining to their strengths, and more than not, weaknesses. Among these weaknesses were overexcitement resulting in burnt hair, judges being thrown off mechanical bulls, fear of brokeness, and trying too hard in animal print underwear on a certain batpole.
Strengths of the lovely Cullens/Hale were endurance, creativity, musical skill, the ability to wham, and many others that would take up too much space, and far too much of your time.
Each vampire had a specific trainer to aid them in their abilities.
The Spoodurance Trials 2007, all started off of the term spoo and other various mentions of jokes on other threads and on FanFiction. A large number of fangirls also supported their contestant, and cheered them on throughout the whole process. Tears were shed, laughs were heard, and food was spewed onto many computer screens. Everyone who happens to have read the Trials knows that this was Spoo history in the making.
Edward and Bella's truck tied for first place in the Spoodurance Trials.

Many fans were cheering on Jasper because of his ability to wham, giving him leverage in the Spooduance Trials.
by In Love With Forever February 09, 2007
Spoodurance Trials

With no other simple way of saying this coming to mind the Spoodurance Trials are basically Vampire Sex in the form of Olympics.
Judges were Cocoa, silly_bella, Darkfairy, and Ambereyes.

The prize was annie.ohhhhyes

The contestants were Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle

Trainers were for Emmett bronzehairedgirl, for Jasper
Samurph26, for Edwards In Love With Forever, and for Carlisle Ebony.

teenibopper1 was a pillow ;]

Jesseh was our MC, our Ryan Seacrest

And of course the special appearance of Spooderman.
The winner for the Spoodurance Trials was...well maybe you should head over to the VMT boards and read the trials for yourself instead of spoiling the fun!
by * * * * * * * * March 09, 2008
The Spoodurance Trials are most accurately defined as the Vampire Sex Olympics, in which 4 contestants of a Twilight order compete to please their judges in any sex-related way possible.

The competitors are from Stephenie Meyer's books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and more to come. They are: Carlisle Cullen, a.k.a. Dr. Feel, Emmett Cullen, the "bear" man, Jasper Hale, who keeps on whamming and whamming and whamming, and Edward Cullen, who knows what you want and exactly how you want it.

The Spoodurance Trials took place on the Twilight Lexicon on the imfamous Vampire Mating Threads. The official mascot for Trials is Spooderman, who made regular appearances throughout the event. Over a period of 4 days, the contestants were given ONE chance with each judge, and their individual trainers assisted them in this task.

Also see: spoo, Edward Cullen
The Spoodurance Trials unearthed much in the way of disturbing, yet satisfying, thoughts. Some of these include: mechanical bulls, Batman costumes, genderless Ryan Seacrest, snakes, pole dancing for vampires, glow-in-the-dark condoms, Kama Sutra and paint by the bucketloads.
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