A Super noob, special noob. a person who is good or knowledgeable, but pride him/her to still act as a noob.
Wow, this guy play like a pro, but seems like a spoob.
by higgamo January 09, 2008
Top Definition
For girls who dont have big enough boobs for cleveage and just have a space between their boobs.
"That chick shouldn't where that shirt because it shows way to much spoob."
by OhioStateLouie June 11, 2006
Synonomous with retard, fuckhead, dickshit, ect. A person who is just idiotic and or sucks ass
You are the biggest fucking spoob alive.
by Farmer X November 10, 2003
a mixture of gasoline and semen
Go drink a big cup of spoob, you cheating whore!
by YonerBoner February 29, 2004
Boobs that are seen radiating from the spine of a person. Commonly seen on fat people and those that wear clothes tighter than a sausage casing.
Check out the spoobs on that swamp donkey!
by Spoobs July 28, 2010
Spam in a tube. More eco-friendly packaging, much like brauschweiger.
I don't like Spam from a can, I prefer the Spoob.
by johnnyplano May 21, 2009
When somebody hits you hard in the boob.
Example 1:
"Yesterday, Patricia spoobed me so hard I cried."
"Oh, I only cry when i'm spoobed when I'm on my period"
Example 2:
"Today I was spoobed by Zorkie"
by rashelli December 23, 2013

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