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A channel on YouTube in which wacky videos appear, such as people dubbing SpongeBob's or Squidward's voice in certain areas, usually to put adult language in. The channel also has edited versions (for the worse) of South Park songs, in which Kenny's voice is dubbed with a voice that sounds like Kenny unmuffled.
Did you see that video on Spongebob Edited where they had a clip from the FGLIV CD explicit version?
by amazing JavaScript programmer August 10, 2009
Spongebob Squarepants or any general cartoon that has been edited with swear words, usually from songs containing vulgar adult language in an attempt at humor or to make the episode more funny. Spongebob edits can be found on youtube.com
Spongebob edited:
Spongebob: Come on squidward, just try a krabby patty!

Squidward: Try one of those radioactive *TITTIES* you call food? Next I suppose you want me to *FUCK* Patrick... *REALLY HARD!*

Spongebob: But it's good for you.

Squidward: GOOD FOR YOU? That thing is a heart attack on a "PIECE OF SHIT!*
by yuriogy1 August 07, 2009