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When your friend- who looks strikingly like Spock from Star Trek- engages in behavior similar to cock-blocking. Often in brutally failed attempts to hook up with your girlfriend, or prevent you from doing so.
John: Dude, did you get any action last night?

Mike: No, Andrew was fuckin spock-blocking me again.

John: Lame.
by JohnWayne1992 February 04, 2010
Introducing Logic into a conversation to counter an obviously asin9ine statement. Successfully.
'Man, I thought my argument supporting Arizona's immigration laws was valid. Until you pointed out that a law that circumvents The Bill of Rights for illegals, circumvents the Bill of Rights for us all. You totally Spock Blocked me!"-----Spock Blocking
by JudasCow June 13, 2010
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