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a thin (and in bad cases thick) lining of cum crusties, dingleberrys, sweat and tears that usually appears on a woman's area between the vagina and butthole (it could theoretically appear on a man if he finds a way to splooge on his own gooch or unless he is a "homo","fag","raging flamer", or my favorite, an "anal tool"). Men with Gooch Splooches are often known to enjoy an occasional "Alaskan Pancake".
Shanene:"Girl, i was changin' in the lockerroom and you know how i change next to the ho Precious? Anyway she went into the showers and i dropped my soap and as i glanced up she had a..."

Shafanjae:"Bitch don't tell me she had a Splooch Gooch!"

Shanene:"Girl you don't even know. Now, let's go get some watermelon, but look out for the linchers!"
by Danny Dapper October 13, 2009
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