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1. (N) A very unfortunate event in which a simple trip to the restroom turns into a calamity of extreme proportions. The split trip occurs when a man is at the urinal enjoying an exhilarating piss and unexpectedly a mud butt blast escapes, possibly resulting in soiled underpants. To be safe, one is often required to shuffle gingerly into the nearest stall to perform a visual inspection, and/or the finger test. This extra trip to the stall constitutes the split trip.

2. (V) The act of split tripping oneself.
1. Devin only had a few minutes between meetings so he quickly went to the restroom to take a leak. Unfortunately, a catastrophe ensued and the simple trip turned into a split trip. Devin had shatted upon himself on accident.

2. Poor Phammy... He was pushing so hard at the urinal he not only ruptured a blood vessel in his eyeball, he also split tripped in his favorite bikin briefs.
by S. Bruno September 16, 2008
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to go on holiday with your missus/bird/girlfriend as opposed to your mates.
you going on holiday with the lads? no, the missus!

aah! split trip!
by Andrew Warwick February 11, 2004
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