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Sex in which both the man and the woman are in a split. May be an awkward form of penetration at first, however, interestingly satisfying. Split sex can be performed more simply with man laying on back and woman does split over him entering his dick into her, but this is less satisfying for clear reasons. Experiment on your own to find your favorite way to both be in a split during intercourse. Split sex is for the horny trying to find out the many ways to do it. Caution: orgasms may occur quickly, split sex is a superior form of penetration. Excellence and perfection will come with practice.
We had insane split sex last night, and damn was it good.

I am ridiculous at split sex i really have no trouble finding men because they all want the crazy orgasm split sex can bring.
by wantsflexiblebf May 30, 2009
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