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(proper noun, plural, sp-leen dadd-ees)
Ex-Members of the Hari Krishna religon who have been outcast for not touching children, spanking their asses while chanting or wiping their select genitalia with pork chops and offal, hence the name 'spleen daddies'. These outcasts have formed their own religious sect called the 'Children of the Off-White Light', but popular urban lingo for this group is the 'Spleen Daddies'.
1. 'Pratheep tries to sell his own body parts for money to the 'Spleen Daddies'. So far he has no legs and no income.'

2. Briecase accordions are for 'Spleen Daddies'.
by karma's enigma July 02, 2003
One who obsesses with the intricicies of or relating to the spleen.
whoa, Ian smells his own farts.....what a spleen daddy
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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