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Precautionary measure, whereby toilet paper is folded in such a way it covers the surface of the toilet water for the purpose of preventing inevitable splash back from a poo plop.

Other benefits of this practice include preventing the sound of splash down being heard by outsiders.
Steve: "Last time I went to the toilet the splash-back created left me wiping for days, it was so destructive Kathy heard it in the bedroom. Certainly didn't get lucky that night."

Me: "Two words - splash mat."
by Helping the average Joe September 04, 2011
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The act of lining the toilet bowl with tissue paper in order to prevent rusty water being returned to sender from poo touchdown
"Christ Dave, just had a shit & i forgot the splashmat .... got major splashback from that dump"
by dgh938peg April 14, 2010

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