a position of sexual intercourse among three gay men with the central actor giving oral sex and receiving anal sex.
after meeting at the new gay bar the couple took me home and made me the center of a spinelli.
by lyon in the sun July 28, 2008
Top Definition
A sicilian slang word meaning joint
Excuse me kind sir, could you pass the Spinelli
by Benjermun April 13, 2009
Damian Spinelli. The greatest General Hospital character that ever has been; also known as the Jackal, ace hacker; funniest character on the show (played by Bradford Anderson).

Had crush on Lulu while Georgie liked him, but Georgie was killed before he ever found out. Now he's falling for Maxie, Georgie's sister, while both of them are still recovering from her death.

Gives everyone and anyone nicknames (Stone Cold, Wise Georgie, The Blonde One).
"Spinelli is my hero."
by Rosie2.o May 17, 2008
1-(noun): Someone who is very indecisive about something.
2-(noun): Someone who is a grammar Nazi and must correct the tiniest grammar mistake.
"Could you please pick something to eat already you are such a spinelli!."

"Ms.Smith is quite the spinelli when grading research papers"
by Xanomin June 26, 2012
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