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A type of hors d'oeuvres that either comes in a frozen package in the supermarket or is made at a banquet facility for weddings or similar functions. Quite often, the banquet facility gets these nasty little shits from those same supermarket frozen packages. The Spinach Vomit-bomb is a wretched piece of flimsy dough packed with the nastiest, most dried out spinach that tastes more like something you might scrape out of your pool when you reopen it. Typically used more as ammunition (see Assembly-safe Shuriken), these pieces of unforgivably disgusting shit can usually be found in piles on serving trays by the time cocktail hour expires.
Jim: "God, I was almost hungry enough to eat a few of those Spinach Vomit-bombs they were serving."

Jack: "Glad you didn't, now we have more ammo to pelt Aunt Rose and Uncle Dave with."
by JustAnotherGuy March 15, 2010
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