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The act of male masturbation known as wanking, but with a crowd pleasing climax. The wankee takes centre stage in a circle of wankers and tugs hard on his genitals until they near climax. At this point the wankee then starts to spin creating a spunk loaded version of russian roulette as their sticky load will soon be spurting on a random circle wanker. This recipient of the man-cream soaking then has to take their place in the centre of the circle.
This takes place until at least one person collapses due to fatigue or the police are called.
There are no winners. Just wankers.
Mother: Frank, why is your t-shirt all stained?
Frank: Coz I was with the guys spin wanking all day!
Mother: What's a spin wank?
Frank: (Starts tugging and spinning) Ahhhh take that you hot bitch!
by Digitalnonsense November 10, 2006
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